Sniper Elite 4 Mockup Map

This is a Sniper Elite 4 mockup map based on real history! This project was made for fun and to demonstrate my process. I started by playing Sniper Elite 4 and learning what worked and what didn't in each level. I made notes on recurring themes. Sniper Elite 4 is mostly based in Italy. So I kept my map in theme with this.


I then researched real history to find inspiration. Near the end of World War II Mussolini was trying to escape Italy. North of Milan is a small village called Dongo. As Mussolini was attempting to leave the country he was stopped at this village. Mussolini had with him some of his own Italian soldiers protecting him and a group of SS soldiers. To attract less attention, he ordered all his Italian soldiers to surrender and disguised himself with a Nazi uniform. He was eventually discovered in Dongo and killed shortly after.


For the level I thought It would be a good idea to have the player assassinate Mussolini at Dongo. I designed and created the map using Unreal Engine 4.


I have a full design document PDF that you can download below if you wish to learn more. Additionally you can watch my breakdown video I created below.

45 Second Level Preview

Full Overview

Project Completed December 2020