Modelling Challenge

I was tasked with creating six 3D assets for one of my first-year university assignments. Each model was based on a theme, below you have a look through the 3D models and the mood boards I created for this assignment.

Model Themes

• Bottle - I had a limit of 400 polygons, I decided to create a military canteen.

• Clock -  I had a limit of 800 polygons, I was inspired by London's Big Ben.

• Weapon - I had a limit of 2000 polygons, I created a sword based on Sir Radzig's sword from the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance developed by Warhorse Studios.

• Log Cabin - I had a limit of 4000 polygons, I decided to model a medieval-inspired log cabin.

• Venus Fly Trap - I had a limit of 5000 polygons, I tried to create a realistic-looking venus fly trap.

• Vehicle - I had a limit of 7000 polygons, I modeled a Puddle Jumper from the American SciFi series Stargate SG1.

What I learned:

I used 3Ds Max to model my assets.

•I used Arnold as a render engine to create the clay renders you see below.

Clock Mood Board.png
Weapon Mood Board.png
Mood Board PNG.png

Project Completed December 2019