Ashes of The Anchor

This is my Easter Game Technologies Game Jam entry. I hosted and organised this game jam. It was a 2-day game jam, and I worked solo. My game was made using Unreal Engine 4.

Theme: Light

My Idea: You play as an orb of light (click to turn on/off) but when you light up you start to run out of power. If you run out of power completely you die. A mix of environmental storytelling and audio clips takes you through the history of a lost ancient civilisation.

There is a lack of mechanics and the core game design doesn't really work, there are a few reasons to turn your light on as most of the game is made up of well light environments. But this is because I primarily focused on the narrative and level design. I'm really proud of the project as for me it is a milestone in my game development journey. The project was filled with a lot of awesome moments like "Ah that's working, I don't remember that being so easy. I guess I'm starting to learn stuff". About 30 seconds later it would then stop working 😂. But that game development for you.

Project Completed April 2022