Lost Memories

This is my Global Game Jam 2020 entry. I developed it over a 2 day game jam period as a solo project. The game was made using Unity and was my first game jam.

Theme: Repair

My Idea: Lost Memories is a game about repairing a relationship between a mother and her son in which you play as the son's subconscious controlling his dreams. The stories told through environmental story telling.

This was a wild ride, starting with an ambitious idea and finishing with a half-playable game. This was my first game jam and I'll be honest I was terrified. I created everything in the game myself (3D models and code) which looking back was probably my first mistake. There was little to no thought in how the player was supposed to know what to do and where to go. But I was very proud to have submitted something.

You can find the entry page below and the beginnings of a remaster I am developing.

Project Completed January 2020