Cargo Embargo

This is an entry for a University run game jam in 2021. I developed it over a 24-hour game jam period as a solo project. The game was made using Unity.

Theme: Limited Capacity

My Idea: Fly around a randomly generated asteroid field in the search for three glowing cubes.

The initial plan was to give the player the challenge of organizing their limited inventory by changing the orientation of items to fit into a grid more efficiently (a bit like Tetris). But unfortunately, this was a one-man project for a 24-hour game jam and I did not get around to creating this fundamental feature.

This current version of the project is however a good demonstration of the other areas of the game. AKA the ship is pretty fun just to fly around. 

At the beginning of the project, I was confident on being able to program about 20% of my idea and would have to learn the rest. But I can now proudly say that the game got to about 70% complete in the 24-hour period. Just goes to show you can always go a bit further than you think.

Project Completed February 2021