Temple Of Hercules

This is my Global Game Jam 2022 entry. I developed it over a 2 day game jam period as a solo project. The game was made using Unreal Engine 4.

Theme: Duality

My Idea: Escape an Ancient Greek temple by traveling back and forward in time. Collecting clues to help solve a puzzle. The theme links in through the duality of the original and ruined temple environment.

A tough jam indeed, I am not the most efficient programmer but I learned a lot through this project. Took the stumbles on the chin and powered through. As a designer I always find programming is a bit like running a marathon, it's going to be challenging but you will only be better for it. Having a relentless drive is the only way through I always have a giant poster of Rocky next to me when I work helps remind me of this.

Project Completed January 2022