Hi, I'm Tim Metcalf, welcome to my portfolio! I am a 2nd-year Game Design student at the University of Gloucestershire. I specialize in level design. I am currently looking for a 2021/22 placement year or internship opportunity. I am available from June 2021. 

I am a hard working designer with a good eye for detail, achieving a first in year one of university and scoring 85 on my Level Design module. I am additionally studying an extra two modules this year at university. Driven by an eagerness for game development I love Game Jams. I attended the Global Game Jam 2020. I enjoy being part of a team and this led to a leadership role within the group, where we organized a business networking event for local charities. I have developed effective communication and troubleshooting skills through working as a classroom assistant. I seek to learn new things! For example, I am always experimenting with a variety of programs outside of my field. 

I am free to start a placement year from June 2021 onwards but am open to an interview anytime.

Updated - 01 June 2021